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Very practical for baby's little hands. And very convenient for traveling by plane, to the beach, by car, everywhere, I recommend it to you

Valeriane Jeremy
Adapts to their little fingers and to their size like no other bottle


Take the leap! Embrace the future of bottle feeding. It's here and now! Explore a new world of simplicity, lightness, and freedom. Whether at home or outdoors, live with your baby as freely as you would without the hassle of bottles. Your baby has been waiting for it for far too long


Baby's Top Choice

Extra Light

This is THE bottle that every parent must have! ...Baby loves it... it's the first bottle that he manages to hold so well; it's just great and of superb quality. I approve and recommend it to everyone!

Amandine L.

Well, what a revolution!

Mila's mother


Plastic free Milk

Plant-based, Bibeon reveals to be the Safest Bottle Ever, according to the prestigious National Testing Laboratory in France LNE. There is absolutely no migration in its baby's milk, setting it apart from any other bottle on the global market


All in One

A baby bottle - Milk dispenser. Swap Your Bulk System for these tiny bottles holding their powdered milk inside! Bibeon can be prepared up to 15 days in advance. Just expand when needed, add water and feed instantly.


Light and Space Saver

Smallable - Expandable - Adjustable: Half the size of a cell phone, it contains its powder inside, fitting easily into a small purse, ready to be used anytime, anywhere. Bibeon avoids the burden of big empty bottles, milk dispensers...

..These bottles are fantastic, easy to clean, and take up very little space, a true revolution. I highly recommend them


If necessary easy access

In addition to the bottle brush, you may fold it up completely to access every nook and cranny. To dry it immediately without waiting for air drying, use disposable ultra-clean tissues

Hygienic Preparation

Its high level of engineered design results in a baffling ease of use. Every aspect of its design has been meticulously crafted so you won't have to lift a finger!


The collector's edition stands out with a clipping closure, rather than a tightening closure. Bibeon Collector comes with a yellow ring and a green or pink cap rather than all white.

Choose Yours


Safe Milk Storage: Store your baby's favorite infant formula, in the collapsed Bibeon, up to 8 doses-15 days


Expand to feed, anywhere and have your fresh meal in seconds! Expand to the desired size, add the required amount of water, shake without clumps and feed

03. Adapt

Bibeon's innovative design lets you adjust its size to match the liquid level inside the bottle. Expel air for an efficient anti-colics bottle.

Purchasing a plant-based baby bottle is not just about considering your baby's health, but it's also about the future—a hopeful and sustainable gesture

Hélène W.

I've never been happier knowing I'm meeting my baby's expectations... I'm grateful to have found this brand, created by a whistleblower for babies, a true lifesaver

Elisabeth B.